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DIGB Advance
Who could you be tomorrow?

DIGB Advance is a service that aims at satisfying all your banking needs today and help you achieve your financial goals tomorrow.

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As well as meeting your banking needs today, at DIGB we also like to help you - and all our customers - 

get ready for tomorrow.

So whatever's next on your horizon, we have the products, services and expertise to help you prepare.

Expert advice to draw upon

An annual review to keep things on track

Online tools and knowledge

DIGB Advance could provide you with up to $500 of benefits and services a year for $6 a month for the first three months from account opening, after which you will pay the full monthly price, currently $12.95.

If you are an existing DIGB Advance for $6 a month for the first nine months from the date your new account is opened,after which you will pay the full monthly fee. The offer is available from 27 December to 6 February 2013.

DIGB Advance has an initial 12 month contract and is then renewable monthly.

Worldwide Travel Insurance

Roadside Breakdown Assistance*

ID theft and personal safety assistance

Life cover/ Accidental Death benefit of $3,000

Text Banking only available for US and Dubai residents

Online fraud tools

Dedicated DIGB Advance specialists on hand 24/7

Preferential terms on overdraft, savings and mortgages

Money-saving travel and leisure offers

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